Say what you will of Jack Thompson, at least he always pays his bills. And he sure will do his damndest to let you know about it, too.

To recap, the attorney, notorious for his anti-gaming campaign, was disbarred permanently and ordered to reimburse the courts the legal fees that was used to prosecute him. This totalled up to $43,675.35 US dollars although it was recently reduced to $42,525.27 by the Bar.

Jack, not one to do anything without fanfare, has emailed the Bar about his payment because of concerns that it had not been taken from his account.

Dear Chief Justice Quince:

Please advise today what you and the Court have done with my check for $42,525.27 that was sent you on November 6 to be held in trust by the Supreme Court.

I find today, in talking with my bank, that the check has not been negotiated. I’m not paying any interest on this amount. You all had it from me on the date it was due.

Regards, Jack Thompson

We’ll keep you up to speed on any more details regarding this little on-going soap opera.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Solus says:

    Got to give the guy credit… For something anyway.

  2. He just doesn’t go away, does he?

  3. outwar6010 says:

    wheres an ak47 when you need one

  4. Gray Wolf says:

    Well well Mr. Bigshot finally hits the table. This is one prime example of a killjoy who has no taste. He single handedly put the sequel to Bully (Canis Canem Edit in some countries) out of development, this guy should NOT be allowed back. Fair enough if the games are unsuitable, but his alogations are just plain idiotic. Nice to know he’s in his own soap though hahaha, Well done Thompson, you did it again!

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