Earlier today, my level 70 Night Elf hunter was fresh out of a clear Karazhan run, when a trip to the Goldshire flight master saw me run into an unexpected infestation of around 30 zombies.

Thinking little of it, and having heard rumours from fellow adventurers of other undead creatures mysteriously cropping up around Azeroth, I attacked them.

The wrath of the Lich King is upon us...

Before my first bow string could be pulled, the hideous scourge of bones and flesh turned in my direction, and marched laboriously towards me as I tried to escape. A number of these decomposed corpses lurched towards me, and I fell swiftly to the touch of their putrid flesh.

The next I knew, I was one of them. A rotting, laborious corpse with barely a mind of my own, and a constantly decaying body that would last only as long as I could sate my hunger for…. braaaaaaains..!

This tale is a similar one to what many World of Warcraft players are currently experiencing. As I type this, Blizzard has just launched a world event on Azeroth that was completely unknown to us until this point. The fact that Blizzard has managed to keep this event completely secret up until now only serves to make it more epic.

The infestation continues to spread. Towns and cities are being overrun by countless undead monsters… but they’re not just harmless mobs this time. They’re actual players… and they’re coming for your brains!

The wrath of Lich King is finally upon us…


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Found in the rotting diary of Eric Farrington in the dead city of Andorhal…


My beloved home, Andorhal, has fallen victim to an evil plague. I have witnessed the horrors of the Scourge firsthand, and seen unimaginable things. Death was not granted to my loved ones. Instead, everyone I’ve ever known has turned into monsters. Monsters of unfathomable, relentless viciousness!

I thought naught of a few illnesses, a few fevers. We continued to ship out crates of grain to Lordaeron, and we weren’t fearful of this new sickness — we were confident our healers could handle it. I know now that was foolish, blind.

The denizens of Andorhal turned into vile zombies of the Scourge. These monstrosities no longer held any thoughts or abilities from their mortal lives. Most certain of all, they readily used new powers we had never seen before to further spread the disease and hasten the destruction of the city.

I have been hiding for two days in the sewers, but I must venture out soon to find supplies or possibly a way out of the city to the forests.


Help me, I’ve been bitten!

I cannot believe I was foolish enough to think I could sneak past all of them on the streets. The zombies are everywhere now, and Andorhal is only a shell of its former glory, a sad and twisted remnant of my beautiful home.

I can already feel the disease taking me. May the light bless me as I go to be with my family and friends once again. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep my sanity. I am weak. I hunger, and must eat…



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  1. Evren says:

    Im going to take my Dreanie, and EAT!!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!! xD

  2. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    Does anybody know how long this zombie thing is going to last? I have a feeling a lot of players won’t be able to see the humor of it all, and complain about their characters losing their abilities.

    Michael O'Connor   [ 20:08, October 23rd, 2008 ]

    @Jens Erik Vaaler, Well, it only lasts initially until your undead corpse falls apart, which happens in a few minutes if you don’t feed, so it’s not a permanent thing.

    There’s been a few killjoys whining about it, as is always the case. But for the most part, everyone sees the fun and play along.

    Some are even trying to start up their own undead army. *laughs*

  3. Dawn says:

    *laughs loudly*

    Maybe because I don’t have any of characters in WoW but I found this a hilarious read. It’s unexpected and while not exactly “wanted” it makes the adventure more real and dynamic. Besides, it’s Halloween. :P Zombies are a must!

  4. Kelsey Vavasour says:

    I saw them. Funny stuff.

    I mean, no, I didn’t…

    >_> <__>

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