The future for Peter Molyneux

With Fable II finally under the bag and ready to release in only a few short weeks, the lovable English developer chap and Lionhead Studios boss Peter Molyneux is already looking to the future; a slightly different future. Molyneux has told that his next game won’t be the sort of title you’d normally expect from the developer.

“We’ve actually been working on another project now for a while, and obviously it’s ridiculously ambitious, but it’s ridiculously ambitious in a very simple way,” he said.

“It’s a simple and pure idea, and very, very different to anything I’ve done before.”

“I haven’t said anything about the game to anyone, and neither should I until next year, but I think it’ll surprise people.”

Colour me excited.

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  1. boa says:

    He hasn’t given details, but he has mentioned it MANY times, and is looking to have something to do with simple controls and physics based gameplay.

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