Fable 2

Molyneux confirms that Fable II isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

“There’s low spots in the game,” he said. “It’s no one’s fault that these low spots are there, it’s just there’s a lot to this game. I think the lip-sync is pretty bad, you know, the quality of the animation falls off, you know, quite a lot, I think the navigation can be a bit dodgy sometimes, I think the dog can… get a bit fractured sometimes.”

But that’s not all… Molyneux also admits to having developed games in “the wrong way”

“I’ve got a great analogy. I think a lot of my games in the past, I’ve been like a cook [and I] just keep shoving ingredients in the pot thinking ‘oh, I need more of this, more of that.’ I never tasted it, and then normally it tasted a bit weird at the end. And now what I’ve realized is it’s not the number of features you’ve got in the game, it’s the way those features work together.”

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  1. Michael O'Connor says:

    It seems to be a hell of a day for honesty today, doesn’t it? First Peter Moore admits to pull Sega out of the hardware industry, and now this.

    Nice to see a programmer admitting to a game’s flaws, mind you. I still expect this game to be epic though.

  2. Kit Jones says:

    Maybe it’s people with the name Peter. O_o

    Anyway my desire for this game was never high but it just dropped off the negative scale.
    I’ll still get it though but only if I have the spare cash, everything else will take precedent.

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