Chrono Trigger Monster Battling

Many gamers, including myself, were under the impression that Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS would be a straight port, but this is apparently not the case. The first (of many, hopefully) announced addition to the DS “remake” is Monster Battling.

In this extension new mode, players will be able to breed over 50 different monsters (this sounds awfully familiar…), and fight them off against other monsters in arena battles to win rare new items. You will also be able to use the DS’ wi-fi capabilities to battle against your own friends’ monsters.

No details yet on how players go about accessing this new content, but I for one am glad this isn’t going to be just a straight port.

Chrono Trigger on the DS will touch down November 25th in North America, November 27th in Japan, and early 2009 in Europe, the first time the game will see release in the region.

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  1. Ulx says:

    New content is good, but I hope this isn’t the best thing they have to offer. I imagine it’s going to be one of those things that we completionists will plod through just to get the new items rather than for straight enjoyment. I could be wrong though!

  2. Jens Erik Vaaler says:

    I supposed these monsters will be monsters fought in game?

  3. boa says:

    Interesting add on, but mostley I’m just happy to finally get an EU release ^^

  4. Dragonsoul says:

    I’ll be happy to have this on the DS. I do agree though, that I hope there’s more than that to come. I’d like to see a new timelines, myself, as it would be a great place for an additional dungeon <3

  5. Chrono Trigger DS was always going to be more than a straight port since we first learned about it (when the Famitsu scans were leaked, and SE NA leaked some info).

    Stuff like Signing Mt. was pretty much confirmed (since SE hinted at new dungeons), since part of the data was already in game (can’t remember if this was in the final or the beta).

    The monster battling addition wouldn’t surprise me if they put it in the Robot Coliseum in 2300 A.D, in the location it was in in the beta (lower-right hand corner).

    Plus, it was already confirmed that it was getting a FFIV GBA-style retranslation.

    Where did you get this info? A Famitsu/etc. scan, or SE NA leaking info?

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