With the authority of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft firmly established within most gamers, it would seem almost idiotic to simply leap into the market with a new console.Not only do you need capital and connections, but also products consumers would want to buy. And these days, it seems only one such company exists: Apple, at least according to Don Reisinger, of Cnet’s The Digital Home:

“Apple has the infrastructure in place through iTunes to create a real value proposition for those that want to extend the capability of their console beyond gaming and has the cash – about $20 billion – to not only invest in the best components on the market, but in an online gaming experience that could rival Xbox Live. That cash could also be put to good use by acquiring major developers (did someone say Take-Two?) that could go from third-party powerhouse to Apple’s first-party publisher.”

Would you buy an Apple console?

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  1. Michael O'Connor says:

    No I wouldn’t.

    Simple answer.

  2. Samuel says:

    I can imagine it now:

    “If your official Apple iGame controller is faulty, please package the entire console, all your perephials, and your entire games collection in an unmarked white box and return to your nearest repair center. If you are using a third party controller, your warranty is now invalid. Go to hell.”

  3. Dragonheart says:

    Never had any experience of Apple so I don’t know what they are like but those comments give me a pretty good idea.

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